Perfect Timing: Hamburg Lines Men

Just in time for the prizegiving ceremony this evening: Hamburg Lines Men crossed the finish line near Cuxhaven at 9:17am UTC on Saturday, July 28.

The team of the Hamburg Lines Men, a mooring association of the Port of Hamburg, was inspired by the two Hamburg merchants and offshore sailors Andreas Sasse and Hans Oestmann. Sasse and Oestmann already successfully competed in the Daimler Chrysler North Atlantic Challenge 2003 and the HSH Blue Race 2007. Now they are once more part of a transatlantic regatta. In addition to the core team of Atlantic veterans, other experienced sailors have joined the team. After years of experience as mooring men in the port of Hamburg and countless encounters with crews who have travelled across the Atlantic, they now wanted to tie down the lines of their own ship in their home port of Hamburg. Their participation in the North Sea Week provided them with a recent training opportunity, followed by additional Caribbean long-distance experience during the Antigua Bermuda Race 2018.

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